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Founded in 1981, TransAnalysis serves clients throughout the United States enabling corporations to increase control over transportation and logistics management costs whether domestic or international. TransAnalysis is not a freight broker and has no carrier affiliations, thereby maintaining complete objectivity. The innovative products and services of TransAnalysis fall into two categories: Outsourcing Services for freight payment, pre-audit, and reporting; and Consulting Services for transportation, distribution and supply chain management. With its’ specialized industry focus, TransAnalysis offers Transportation Management Intelligence -a unique blend of products and services that place transportation control in the hands of clients.

Freight Audit, Payment & Reporting

TransAnalysis has the right tools to measure, analyze, and pay freight bills for your company while you maintain complete control. You will have 24/7 accessibility to records electronically, the ability to make payment inquiry and review reports instantly. We also offer Dashboard Charts and Graphs to see a better picture of your freight costs. We have isolated dozens of areas and made available to you at the click of a button. Our goal is to provide quick and accurate customer service with a promise that you will never receive voice mail at TransAnalysis during business hours. You can rely on receiving the right answer to your questions the first time. Our staff is cross-trained to be efficient and effective. Staff and management have a combined 100+ years of experience in accounting, logistics, and transportation management.

Measure and Manage

In the words of our clients,” TransAnalysis will make your life easier.” Many consider our Pre-Audit and Freight Payment services to be an extension of their own accounting & transportation departments. This also holds true for TransAnalysis Consulting programs that work in partnership and under the direction of the client’s Transportation and Logistics Departments. Utilizing the latest tools in technology and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the industry, TransAnalysis becomes a partner supplier working in concert with your organization while you reap the benefits.


As a bonus, during the last year our clients utilizing TransAnalysis Pre-Audit and Freight Payment services receive a 221% return on every dollar spent. It is an investment with a return, not an expenditure. Our consulting clients consistently match or exceed the anticipated returns from our consulting projects.

“TransAnalysis informed us of proper procedures and helped us every step of the way. TransAnalysis exemplifies the definition of a partner supplier. They have a quick response– a solution — and are innovative, which is what we value at Segway.”

– Segway LLC

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