Logistics Consulting

Logistics Consulting

Where data and experience meet to optimize your Transportation needs.

TransAnalysis brings over 100 years of real life transportation experience to our consulting program. Our experience crosses all modes of transportation and industries. If you are simply negotiating new rates through a bid, negotiating with an existing carrier, trying to find the optimal location for a new warehouse or 3PL, constructing a logistics guide for vendors or analyzing your current freight profile to better utilize your carrier services TransAnalysis can be your partner. You may select to have us serve as your back office to assemble data, construct and perform studies and report the findings to you. Or choose to have us lead the project and provide you with the management tools necessary to make the right decision. TransAnalysis will be there to provide support and inside industry knowledge every step of the way.

TransAnalysis’ Consulting process is broad in scope, yet focused on success and fluid in execution, allowing your freight program to meet the challenges of your ever-evolving company’s goals and needs. At the heart of the TransAnalysis’ consulting programs is data. Every key aspect is identified and benchmarked. Not just for the implementation process but as part of the growing relationship with the service partners. TransAnalysis will help you to stay on the course to success. Click Here To Contact Us and Discuss How TransAnalysis Can Work For You.

Domestic Freight Consulting

TransAnalysis assists clients in many areas of domestic transportation/logistics management. We will assist in carrier rate negotiation and renegotiation across all modes. We can step you through the bid process or perform the function on your behalf. TransAnalysis has no carrier affiliations which means our loyalty is solely with our clients. Services continue in publishing and enforcing a client’s routing guide. We can monitor your carrier’s pricing and performance. Click Here To Contact Us and Discuss How TransAnalysis Can Work For You.

International Air and Ocean Freight Consulting

In the arena of international freight, TransAnalysis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you ship small parcel, air freight or full ocean container loads, TransAnalysis will help you tailor a program that will increase service and visibility while lowering and stabilizing cost. We can achieve these objectives by working closely with each key department within your company that is affected by international trade.

Our success with international freight management consulting and rate negotiation has resulted in significant savings for our clients. Beyond just negotiating discounts and fees, the TransAnalysis’ consulting services has benefited clients through stronger partnerships with those client’s carriers and better utilization of those carrier’s services. The result is both direct financial savings through reduced rates and fees and reduced logistics costs through partnering with the carrier for better carrier services. Click Here To Contact Us and Discuss How TransAnalysis Can Work For You.

Small Parcel Consulting

As Small Parcel services become more complex. Just negotiating and analyzing rates is not enough to achieve the savings and service necessary to meet the needs of most companies. We will help communicate the small parcel shipping goals of the entire organization to the carrier so they will have a clear and accurate representation of your shipping profile and can serve you better. How can your carriers provide you with the right services and rates if they don’t clearly understand who you are and how you ship? TransAnalysis will assist you in focusing on your strengths. Then TransAnalysis will provide you with the tools to benchmark your savings and educate your staff on effectively utilizing those rates and services to meet your freight objectives. Click Here To Contact Us and Discuss How TransAnalysis Can Work For You.

Logistics / Supply Chain Consulting

Consultation services in logistics management range from new warehouse and distribution site selection to preparing bids for third-party options. TransAnalysis assists clients in analyzing the internal processes and systems which drive distribution and supply chain functions. We can examine or re-engineer warehousing, shipping, packaging, and personnel assignments. Click to Learn More about our format and data capabilities. Click Here To Contact Us and Discuss How TransAnalysis Can Work For You.

“TransAnalysis informed us of proper procedures and helped us every step of the way. TransAnalysis exemplifies the definition of a partner supplier. They have a quick response– a solution — and are innovative, which is what we value at Segway.”

– Segway LLC

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