Freight Payment and Audit

Freight Payment & Audit

Measuring, Analyzing and Paying Our Clients’ Freight Bills

Do you find and recover all the errors through your current freight payment solution? What does it cost you to process a freight invoice? What analysis and reporting information do you receive as a benefit through your current freight payment solution? Do you have flexible resources such as Document Imaging, International Payment and instant access to Freight Cost/Service, General Ledger, Payment and Aging information?

In business for 35 years with over 100 years of industry experience on the management team, TransAnalysis provides a unique auditing, payment and reporting solution developed in partnership with our clients. More than “just a freight payment company”, TransAnalysis is an important player on your Finance and Logistics teams. We provide services to aid companies large or small. TransAnalysis is more than a service, it’s a process that changes to meet your company’s unique service, data and reporting needs.

Data Capture

Take advantage of the speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness of EDI. In addition to Invoice and BOL data from the carriers, TransAnalysis can receive data from the Client as well as any third-party provider such as suppliers or TMS Software. Click to Learn More about our format and data capabilities.


TransAnalysis provides a comprehensive Rate, Fee and Service Audit. We also provide data auditing services so you can rely on the reporting you receive. Click to Learn More


You can now manage a process that returns benefits instead of just paying invoices. We offer flexible processing timelines for auditing and payment that will meet your requirements. Individual attention is given to each client right down to the invoice item level. You have full control over carrier payment and funding options.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Over the previous year our clients received an average return of 221% vs the fees paid for our services. This translates to a return of $2.21 for every dollar paid to TransAnalysis in fees. Typically, we recover 1-2% of the client’s annual freight spend from errors recovered through the audit. Additional savings are realized through reduction in processing costs and the utilization of data capture and reporting to aid you in better managing your spend and services.

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“The reports from TransAnalysis make my job easier. Tangible reports to management mean I’m no longer winging it.” – Butler Home Products

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