The most important part of any Freight Payment Process is the Audit. If the payment amount and data are not correct, then you are losing money and making decisions based on the wrong information. That is why we focus on this key aspect.

First each invoice is audited for responsibility. Are you responsible for the payment of the invoice per the terms of the Bill of Lading or another origin shipping document? Then we audit to be sure all of the information that you require the carrier to provide has been included. In addition to Pieces, Weights, Origin, Destination and Itemized Pricing, have they provided any required Purchase Order Numbers, Tracking Numbers, Authorization Codes, General Ledger Codes? Have you provided us with an Advance File to match to the invoice when it is presented? If so, is the information complete and accurate?

Once we have determined that your data is to the standards you require we then provide a financial audit and where required a service audit. Our financial and service audits include:

Base and Published Rate Agreements
Quoted Rates
Shipping Class
Duplicate Invoices
Service Level
Accessorial Charge Application
Guaranteed Delivery Requirements
Routing Compliance
General Ledger Application
We can also audit for additional points such as Time in Transit, Destination Charges, Maximum Invoice Amounts, Consolidation Opportunities or any criteria that is important to you.

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