Unique Educational Program for Transportation and Logistics Professionals

On October 7-9 TransAnalysis joined with the Transportation Consumer Protection Council to present a “Unique Educational Program for Transportation and Logistics Professionals”. The three intensive, full-day seminars were presented by experts in their fields and included daily reference texts. John T. Harvey discussed “Freight Claims-Filing and Recovery” which taught about time limits for filing claims and suits, and tariff gimmicks limiting carriers’ liability. Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq. was the featured speaker for “Contracting for Transportation and Logistics Services”. And returning this year was “Transportation, Logistics and the Law” presented by William J. Augello, Esq. based on his book by the same title which discussed topics from legal consequences of arrangements to the legal differences between all entities in the business.

Attendees consisted of carriers, shippers in manufacturing and retail, consultants, and administrative assistants who understand the risk and expense that is brought about by lack of training and expertise. In their search of specialized education in the transportation industry, here is what some of the participants had to say about the seminars:

“Informative and eye opening – even with 17 years in the field – learned new data.”
“Not only geared to shipper’s side, but the carrier’s point of view, too.”
“Good, great actual situations and welcomed other’s situations.”
“Very knowledgeable, good pace of presentation.”
“Excellent text. Easy to follow for complex material.”
“Very good – exceptionally knowledgeable.”
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Additional seminars related to the transportation industry will be available for 2004. TransAnalysis can conduct private in-house seminars on a variety of industry-related topics as well.
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Transportation Logistics and The Law Seminar a “Great Success”

On October 23, 2002 TransAnalysis sponsored William Augello, esq and his seminar “Transportation Logistics and The Law” in Taunton, MA. Based upon Mr. Augello’s book by the same title, the seminar addressed such issues as the specific laws governing transportation, carrier contracts, liability limitations for surface, air and ocean carriers, bills of lading and the regulation of the airline and ocean industries.
The event was very well attended with representatives from manufacturing, retail, aerospace and high tech industries as well as lawyers, brokers and carriers. Also in attendance was Ray Bohman of the Bohman Newsletter; Toby Gooley, Senior Editor of Logistics Management Magazine and Lee Cisneros of Transportation Consulting, Inc. Some of the participants shared these thoughts on the seminar:
“Set foundation for corporate policies and procedures to protect the legal requirements in purchasing transportation.” – Corporate Distribution Manager, National Manufacturing Firm
“Should be mandatory for any person that handles transportation.” – President, Transportation Consulting Firm
“Time very well spent” – Director of Transportation & Logistics Network, Major Retail Chain
“The most detailed seminar in Transportation Law.” – Corporate Logistics Manager, Manufacturing Firm
Mr. Augello shared the following thoughts on the day’s activities:
“My reaction to the response we are seeing from shippers, brokers and third parties is that it appears that corporate management is beginning to recognize the need for increased knowledge and sophistication in transportation and logistics in a deregulated environment!
Robert Charest, President of TranAnalysis welcomes attendees and introduces Mr. William Augello
Toby Gooley of Logistics Management Magazine & Mr. Augello
Mr. Augello addressing attendees.
Mr Charest rides the SEGWAY HT® during a session concerning NMFC classifications.
Robert Charest, President of TransAnalysis, Mr. Ray Bohman Of the Bohman Newsletter and Mr. Augello.
Too many firms have lost their traffic experts due to downsizing, and been caught with their “pants down” after the demise of the ICC. Shippers now must learn how to protect themselves as there is no federal agency looking out for the shipping public any longer.”
For upcoming dates and locations of “Transportation, Logistics and the Law” seminars or to order a copy of the book. Click Here.
TransAnalysis is planning additional seminars for 2003 on topics related to the transportation industry. Private in-house seminars can be conducted on a variety of industry-related topics as well.
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